At some point in everyone’s life. Insurance becomes a necessity. Whether coverage is required by law, like an auto policy, or by prudence, it is a virtual certainly that you will need to hedge against loss. The run of the mill policies are understandable. If you lose your home in a flood, you’re going to be glad you had coverage. Here are some examples of the odd, outlandish, and otherworldly things people have insured

 Alien Abduction: Yes, this exists. And it’s not just a one-off occurrence; there are companies in parts of the Southwest that make their revenue almost exclusively of covering people in the event that they are taken into a spaceship by extraterrestrial beings. In most cases, it operates as a special form of life insurance. No evidence exists that anyone has collected but the policies are out there.

Tongue: People have purchased coverage for all manner of valuable body parts over the years. But the oddest part is the infamous tongue of legendary Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons. After rumors had surfaced that he had surgery on it, and he got a policy to make sure that he was compensated in case some over-zealous fan but it off.



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